Carpet is an important part of any home when clean and fresh it accents features of a home and brings beautiful warmth to any living area. When soiled, carpet can make living areas unsightly to guests and make homes appear dirtier than they really are.

Mechanically carpet acts as a filter absorbing dust mites, other microbials, and dirt. It also keeps down the level of particulates in the air; this is a wonderful feature for people that suffer from respiratory aliments. When your carpet is dirty allergens can be harmful to you and your family but with regular cleaning from Barclay’s you will be providing an allergen free safe environment for yourself and your family.
Financially your carpet is an asset with an unknown shelf life; carpet in an average home can run around $5,000 installed and last between 7-10 years. Proper regular cleaning will extend that shelf life 5-7 years almost doubling the life of that asset.

Carpet manufacturers recommend a truck mounted hot water extraction (Steam Cleaning) unit to be used by a Certified IICRC technician. At Barclay’s carpet care that is what you receive. At Barclay’s we clean your carpets as well as they can be cleaned using state of the art equipment, the most powerful yet environmentally friendly products that leave your carpet as fresh and clean as the day it was installed. We also pride our self on easy flat rate pricing no up selling or bait and switch tactics we will give you an accurate estimate over the phone and if all information was correct that will be the price of the job. Call today for a quote and experience the Barclay’s Carpet Care advantage first-hand.

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