We at Barclay’s Carpet Care pride ourselves on being flooring experts this includes the restoration of carpet through repairs. Unfortunately life happens and even with regular cleaning some accidents leave  permanent marks; pet stains, pet damage, bleach marks, permanent color, as well as unsightly bulges or ripples in the carpet, fraying seams. The list goes on and the only way to fix these issues is through repair.

Barclay’s Carpet care brings 23 years of experience to each repair situation diagnosing the problem and presenting all viable options leaving you feeling informed and empowered with the information to make the right decision. Sometimes that decision will be to not pursue the repair because the fix will be just as unsightly as the problem. The Barclay’s advantage is a technician having an honest conversation about your issue.  Most other companies think of ways to charge you more money and care little about the final results and your happiness not Barclay’s. Give us a call and experience the Barclay’s advantage first-hand.

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