Life sometimes throws us unexpected situations one of the worst is flood damage. Floods almost always occur at the worst possible times and leave home owners feeling helpless. Let Barclay’s Carpet Care assuage that anxiety call us anytime 24hrs a day and we will come and help put your life back together. We will triage the problem and start the water evacuation process as quickly as possible this is important because water left for even a few days starts to grow mold, and mold damage is very costly to repair.  We will extract all standing water then set up equipment to finish drying out the area. Next we will treat both sides of the carpet with anti fungal spray, clean and reinstall your carpet. We will do all of this in a cost effective way something that the competition has a hard time doing. I hope that you are never in need of this service but if you are let us help start the rebuilding process give us a call and experience the Barclay’s Carpet Care advantage.

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